5 podcasts every marketer should listen to


I know a little bit about podcasts. Enough to be dangerous. This time last year, I teamed up with journalist and radio presenter Louise Blain to create a podcast about podcasts (called Podworld). Yes, very meta, I know… but for that show I had to listen to hundreds of podcasts, and after a while, you do start to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. So armed with this (maybe dangerous) amount of knowledge and listening hours, I have come up with 5 podcasts I think you should listen to if you are involved in the world of marketing.

Nudge – Marketing Science Simplified BY Phill Agnew

Marketing is a balance between creative, emotional, gut feel on one side and logic, data-driven, pragmatism on the other. Nudge is a great little podcast (20-minute episodes, thank you!) that teaches us about the science behind great marketing. It is hosted by Phill Agnew and it has recently been added to the Hubspot Creators roster. Episodes range from “How to change someone’s mind” to “The dark nudges behind digital manipulation” and you don’t have to follow them in any particular order.

Everyone Hates Marketers by Louis Grenier

This is “the only podcast for people sick of marketing bullshit” according to host, Louis Grenier, who definitely has a different approach (his French accent and regular swearing are just a couple of the things that differentiate his podcast from some of the more salesy marketing podcasts that litter Apple podcasts). He has great guests and outlines real practical ideas and skills for marketers. He is really engaging. My favorite episode is “Don’t be bland, caricature your brand” in which he explains how to be distinctive, remembered and talked about.

Uncensored CMO by Jon Evans

This is a more traditional podcast format with host Jon Evans (a CMO himself) interviewing great guests (also CMOs, mainly) about their brand and their successes and challenges. He’s had senior marketers from Tony’s Chocolonely to Direct Line in the UK as well as the CMO from Boston Beer (winner of the best Super Bowl Ad for 2022) in the US. He’s also had senior people from the big London agency scene (including Rory Sutherland from Ogivly and Andrew Robertson from BBDO).

Creator Club | Social Media Marketing & Content Creation by Katie Steckly

If you are interested in something more practical and more specifically social media related, then Katie Steckly’s “workshop style show” is all about helping entrepreneurs learn about the best strategies for social media marketing and content creation. This may not be for the CMOs out there, but for anybody who has yet to crack consistency and success on Instagram, this one is a valuable listen.

The Copywriter Club by Kira Hug and Rob Marsh

And last, but not least, a podcast that lets you hang out with agency copywriters (mainly from the US) and listen to them chat about ideas, social media channels, what works, what doesn’t work as well as insights into agency life. They speak to creative directors, copywriters and brand strategists and there’s an archive of 280 episodes, so my advice is to just randomly pick an episode number and enjoy getting behind the scenes and into the minds of some really creative people.

One for the road

And if these five don’t do it for you, or you just don’t have the patience or time to find an episode that’s right, I have another recommendation for you. Blinkist is an app that boils down every business, marketing and self help book into a 15-20 minute audio summary (which they call ‘blinks’). And they also have a collection of ‘shortcasts’ (short podcasts).

One of the killer features of Blinkist is their curated collections. For marketers there are a few, but I recommend This is Neuromarketing – a collection of 10 audiobooks about the psychology and science behind selling and marketing – including Unconscious Branding, Subliminal and Neuromarketing.

Once you start listening to a few of the audiobooks/shortcasts Blinkist starts personalizing the recommendations and the results are good enough to help you discover more content. The only downside is that Blinkist costs (£60 a year or £12 a month), but… the service covers so much more than just business books (health and nutrition, economics, nature, parenting, etc…) that it can be worthwhile. Just sign up for the free trial to make sure before you commit… Take a listen and enjoy!