Account Manager

Bath, UK

We are looking for an Account Manager to assist in the day to day management and development of our clients’ digital campaigns and projects.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • You’ll be proactively managing a portfolio of client work, ensuring ongoing performance to agreed KPIs.
  • You’ll liaise directly with colleagues from across the business to ensure the smooth running of campaigns from creative briefings right through to campaign wrap up reports.
  • You’ll work closely with the Strategic Account Leads and the COO to ensure that campaigns and client work are delivered on time, to budget and to the high standard that Dialect expects.

Account Management

  • Every project at Dialect starts with a brief and you’ll be central to creating this brief with our clients.
  • You’ll then work with our creative, strategy, data and media teams to ensure timely delivery of our response to this brief.
  • Once the business is won you’ll create a timeline and manage the feedback cycle for creative assets and media plans in line with the campaign dates.
  • When campaigns are underway you’ll work with the data team and the Strategic Lead to monitor the performance of all content and media campaigns to ensure KPIs are met.
  • Alongside members of the Data team, you’ll help provide regular performance reports and insights to the client.
  • The client services team are not expected to create dashboards for clients however, they are expected to ensure that reporting is delivered in a timely and useful manner.
  • The client services team must work with the strategic leadership, the creative leadership and the relevant members of the Dialect team to build a reporting narrative driven by insights and recommendations.

Client Communications

  • You’ll liaise directly with our clients and ensure that catch up weekly calls have a clear and defined agenda.
  • You’ll be responsible for noting all actions and outcomes from these weekly calls and clearly communicating tasks and responsibilities to the rest of the business. Meeting notes will be circulated within 24hrs.
  • You’ll work with colleagues from across the business to make sure they are meeting deadlines in line with our client’s expectations.
  • You’ll act as a point of liaison for clients ensuring that they have a clear communication channel into the business and that all queries are dealt with in a timely manner.
  • A member of the client services team should be on all external meetings and critical internal planning sessions.

We always respond to clients as promptly as possible

  • Emails are acknowledged within the hour.
  • Client queries and questions are answered as soon as possible and within 24 hrs at the latest. This doesn’t mean you have an answer per se, but you are in contact and managing expectations.
  • Contact reports sent as soon as possible after the meeting and no later than 24 hrs.

Upholding Standards

  • As a team, we’re responsible for the way clients perceive us as an agency. To that end, we must ensure that all work delivered meets our own high standards. It’s our responsibility to flag anything that we believe isn’t being delivered in line with the brief or to client expectations. We must do what we say.
  • We must ensure that all communication with the client is accurate (including spelling and grammar), truthful and transparent.
  • We must ensure that campaign wrap-up reports and ongoing Data Desk dashboards are delivered on time and to the highest standard. If we see missing data or reports this must be flagged immediately.

Key relationships

  • Reports to the Account Director.
  • Works closely with Head of Insights & Strategy, Strategy Leads, Creative Leads, Head of Media, Creative Director.