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Wizards of the Coast
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Originally a printed magazine that ran from 1976-2007, Wizards of the Coast wanted to relaunch the beloved ‘Dragon’ publication in a mobile-friendly digital format: Dragon+. Dragon+ needed to excite fans about the vast world and products surrounding their favorite tabletop role-playing game: Dungeons & Dragons.

Dragon+ needed to be an editorial brand that supported the community of licensees through fan-trusted coverage and find interesting and entertaining ways to get readers excited about merchandise.

“With enormous thanks to Dialect, we’ve brought Dragon Magazine into the modern, digital era through publication of Dragon+. The Dialect team has been a tremendous partner in this endeavor, they’ve established Dragon+ as a vital communications platform for D&D and our brand partners.”

bart caroll, wizards of the coast

We built and deployed a Dragon+ app, available on iOS, Android (and on a browser), for readers to access a free digital version of Dragon+.

Every other month we create engagement and loyalty content that’s independent, trustworthy, and every bit as passionate about D&D as its readers are. Using a blend of existing and curated content overlaid with deep, relevant editorial, Dragon+ delivers the kind of high-quality content fans demand at minimal cost. 

We run an always on ‘app install ad’ media campaign that drives targeted, relevant audiences to download the app from their app store.

Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast

The continuous success of the magazine is driven by close collaboration between Dialect & Wizards of the Coast.