ash cook

digital media planner

Ash’s love for digital marketing grew purely by accident – once tasked with ‘boosting a post to get some likes’ for his band’s Facebook page, he quickly saw the effect of social ads on people and their ability to grow brands and sales. This led to a move straight into the events industry, armed with his new found passion and knowledge for reaching people. This ability was instrumental in selling everything from expensive ticket arena shows very quickly and pub gigs to extremely niche audiences.

After five years of many late nights for international concert promoters, he’s excited to be working on digital campaigns where the experience is usually had at home – working on campaigns for Nvidia, Logitech and more.

In his own time, Ash loves playing guitar and composing music. And when he’s not outside attempting amateur photography or lifting weights, he enjoys smashing through as many first person shooter campaigns as he can – before climbing and losing ranks online with friends.