Ellen Causey


Ellen is a video producer who has worked for production companies, nonprofits and gaming websites. Working at Dialect gives Ellen an opportunity to combine her passion for script-writing and content creation with her love of video games. She hopes to eventually find a way to channel her unhealthy obsession with The Witcher into her role, only time will tell if she’ll be successful.

Ellen’s love of video games spans consoles and genres, but she can most likely be found sobbing over an indie. She still has to pinch herself when she realises she gets to talk about games for a living. Although her mum still doesn’t understand what she does, or how buying her a PS1 and a copy of Spyro the Dragon 20 years ago is the reason she’s where she is today.

In her spare time, Ellen likes to scroll wistfully through dog adoption websites, watch reruns of British sitcoms (A-ha!) and explore Bristol. She also writes and performs poetry and plays the piano, but that’s really just to pass the time until she can adopt a dog…